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About Us

Data Vault Training for the New EDW

Our Mission

  • To provide world-class online training for data warehousing, data vault and business intelligence professionals

  • To provide training that is up to date and in tune with the best standards and practices in Data Vault Modeling and the Data Vault Methodology for Enterprise Data Warehousing

  • To ensure that our video content is of the highest quality and relevance to BI professionals

  • To structure our lessons to optimize the learning experience for our customers

Who we Are

  • Data Vault Academy (DVA) was founded by and for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence professionals in 2009 as a subsidiary of Genesee Academy. DVA's headquarters are based in Golden Colorado.

What we Offer

  • Data Vault Academy provides the highest quality and most relevant online data vault training. We leverage the experience and input from industry experts and thought leaders in Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW).

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